In the last year, many legal organizations have done a good job of focusing on their internal technological needs. But fewer have fully explored how technology can enhance their client relationships.

How effectively are you communicating and collaborating with your clients today? What systems do you have in place for keeping in contact with new and prospective clients and tracking that you’re doing it as often as you should?

The right tools are integral to making sure your team members have what they need for effective client communications. Read this article by Jay Kozie that appeared in Legal Management, the Magazine of ALA, to find out more.

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The IT Managed Services and Keno Kozie business congratulates HBR Consulting on its agreement with Renovus Capital, effective November 10, 2022, resulting in the separation of HBR’s Advisory business from us. Read more details in HBR’s press release.

We are excited about the opportunity to independently focus on our IT Managed Services and Keno Kozie clients and our core technology-related strengths. As part of this transition, we are reviewing our go-forward branding – watch for more news in the coming months!