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According to the Independent IT-Security Institute, almost 390,000 new malicious programs are detected every day. These programs (malware) are no longer developed by script kiddies out to prove their skills but by professional cyber criminals and state–sponsored groups out for financial or political gain. Security is no longer a “set and forget” technology, updates and constant fine-tuning are now required in order to ensure that optimal levels of protection are being delivered.

To assist our clients in navigating ever-evolving security technologies and maintaining a data security profile that aligns with security best practice and standards, Keno Kozie Associates has introduced Keno Kozie Security Services.

Keno Kozie Security Services provides our clients with a set of affordable, targeted assessments of their data security. Each assessment targets a unique segment of the client’s environment allowing for a phased deployment of remediation tasks. Assessments are designed to be independent of one another and can be completed in any order allowing clients maximum flexibility with regard to time and budget.

Keno Kozie Security Services professionals work to ensure that the enhanced security services have a minimal effect on user productivity while helping to identify and address common security concerns.

Security Service Options

  • Help assess an organization’s current security position against industry best practices for security
  • Provide recommendations to help an organization strengthen their security posture and minimize the chance of security breaches.
  • Get an in-depth understanding of the current state of your company’s infrastructure and controls.
  • Leverage Keno Kozie’s expertise and solutions to provide a solid plan for closing security gaps quickly and efficiently. A few examples are:
    • Assessment and development of IT Policy and Procedures for the management of your company (i.e. Asset Management, Media Storage and Disposal, Incident Management and Response)
    • Auditing of LAN/WAN technologies including WLAN
    • Testing of firewall rules and configuration
    • Review system logs, alerts and log collection setup
    • Auditing of Microsoft Windows environments (i.e. Active Directory, Patch Management, Group Policy Management…)
    • Cloud Computing review

To learn more about the security services available, please contact Stan Rabin either by email mailto:[email protected] or phone at 312-332-3000.

IT Security Options Continued

  • Professional services in Business Continuity Plan Development and Risk Management
  • Get you started with Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis
  • Help identify important critical business processes and recovery strategies
  • Determine speed of recovery necessary and develop necessary recovery plans
  • Address the gaps in any plans
  • Help you maintain the plan after initial launch by testing and reviewing plans
  • IT specific Disaster Recovery planning and services
  • Develop Recovery Plans to match Recovery Time Objectives
  • Physical Data Center assessment and Managed Services
  • Risk Assessment for Data access and restoration in case of disaster

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