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Employee Highlight: Christopher Clai

Christopher has worked at Keno Kozie for three years and has filled various roles within the organization. Micheal is currently he is currently a Cyber Security Engineer within our Engineering Department.


Q: What does a normal day at Keno Kozie look like for you?
A: I use my ninja-like skills in systems administration and development to help monitor, identify, and re-mediate security issues within our environment. Additionally, I assist other departments in resolving complex technical situations both related and unrelated to security as needed.

Q: Where do you spend your time outside of Keno Kozie?
A: Imperial Windy City Court of the Prairie State Empire, Inc. NFP


Q: Why is the work of this organization important?
A: The organization raises money for various non-profits in the State of Illinois that need discretionary funds for their operations because their primary source of funding could be limited by contract (eg: grants).

Q: How does your work with this organization help your work at Keno Kozie?
A: It’s helped me become a more effective leader when I need to be and it encourages me to advocate for my coworkers.

Q: How does your work with at Keno Kozie help your work within the organization.
A: It helps me to maintain my skill set and find other ways I can assist them in their growth and technological needs.

Q: What is something you wish others understood about the work of this organization?
A: There are many organizations, like this one, that exist within the Chicagoland area that are often overlooked by companies for investment and they are doing a major benefit for our community and they should be considered.

Q: What else do you work on outside of Keno Kozie?
A: My work in the LGBTQ community is just one facet of what I do outside Keno Kozie. Beyond that I work to spread the word of Hope For The Day, a suicide prevention non-profit here in Chicago, I mentor those in and outside of Keno at various stages of their career and in increasing diversity and inclusion within our industry.

Q: Are there any events/shows coming up our employees could attend?
A: They are constantly updating their events, so I would recommend searching them on Facebook for a current list.

Keno Kozie Associates is a proud cooperate sponsor for Theatre Above the Law’s show, AMICABLW. You can find out more about these two events and purchase tickets here:

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