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What Will the New Normal Look Like?

As states and localities begin to open, predictions are coming out as to what the new normal will look like. Some folks have stated that the future will not look like the past, companies will continue to enable users to…

The 5 Most Common Tech Challenges in the New Remote-Work Normal

The abrupt shift to remote work has been a struggle for many. Having to master new technology and workflows to successfully work from home has meant plenty of frustration — and more than a few calls to tech support. A…

Find an Easier Path to Cybersecurity with Microsoft 365 Business

Ensuring that your business is protected against a cyberattack is a daunting task for any organization. Failing to protect your business, however, can result in tremendous losses and risk for your organization. The average cost of a single small business…

Now More Than Ever – Work with an Expert You Can Trust

Law firms require a tremendous amount of technology to operate efficiently, especially when staff is working remotely. Firms of all sizes leverage tools from various providers and must implement them with function and security in mind. From tool selection to…

Working in the age of COVID-19

I have noticed something of interest, to me anyway. As most of us have moved to working from home, in combination with school closures, the work experience has become far more casual. We hear and often see participants’ children and…

Security Practices to Safeguard Your Digital Assets

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to quickly accommodate their employees working remotely. Having an employee base working away from established offices creates security vulnerabilities that many may not be prepared to mitigate. “Security” as a concept is generally organized under…

6 Ways Tech Can Help Keep Attorneys Engaged, Even While Remote

With stay-at-home and social-distancing orders becoming more prevalent by the day, it’s clear that not only our personal lives, but our professional lives have been markedly affected. Many law firms have the technology and processes in place to allow their staff…

Keeping Business Disruptions to a Minimum During Uncertain Times

The novel coronavirus and the effect it is having on the behavior of people and businesses are all over the news. The situation is escalating quickly, and to those of us involved in the management of an organization, planning and…

Business Continuity Preparedness – Client Notice

Keno Kozie has been focused on our Security Posture, Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans over the last several years and months. One of the outcomes is the recently completed SOC2 Certification and Audit report completed by our Independent…

Keno Kozie’s Experts Present at the ILTA Office 365 Symposium

On Friday, February 21, 2020, Keno Kozie presented to a sold-out crowd at ILTA’s O365 Symposium, which took place at the Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago. The day-and-a-half event was designed to provide insights for attendees on how to successfully…

When the Office is Closed, How do Your Users Work?

Clients have begun reaching out regarding continued business operations in the event of a virus outbreak. Specifically, they are interested in reviewing how they can operate if a decision is made to restrict access to their offices. While the current…


Claire Mosshamer Director of Process and Quality Control How long have you worked at Keno Kozie? 19.4 years, or 7,098 days. What different positions have you held at Keno Kozie? I began as the only engineering coordinator and expanded the…

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