Keno Kozie Associates provides a variety of eDiscovery services to its clients in both law firms and corporate legal departments. We help our clients maximize their existing technologies and human resources throughout each step of the litigation lifecycle. Our services range from software training and support, outsourced litigation support services, infrastructure planning & assessment and cloud services projects. In addition, we assist you in choosing the best software solutions to fit your needs and develop best practices and procedures around your workflow.

  • Training & Support
    We offer world class training and support services for many of today’s most widely used litigation support applications. In-class training coupled with firm specific documentation helps build and instill confidence in our clients that they will immediately receive a return on investment from their software purchase.
  • Workflow and Best Practices Consulting
    Developing and documenting best practices and procedures is the cornerstone of a good workflow. We will help you identify key players, roles in your environment to assist with the litigation workflow, checklists and detailed documentation which enable your employees to manage the litigation process in a uniform fashion. These processes allow for better cost predictability, efficiency and overall quality control.
  • Software Solutions
    Whether you are looking for an in-house review platform, data processing utility, ECA (Early Case Assessment) or a hosted review solution, we offer software solutions to fit your needs. Our partnerships with multiple vendors and experience with different client environments helps us navigate the complex software space and select the right applications for your firm.
  • Infrastructure Assessment
    With the exponential growth of ESI (Electronically Stored information) being collected and reviewed, there is a need for a robust and expandable IT infrastructure to store, retrieve and secure this critical case related data. Keno Kozie’s IT experience in both large and small law firm environments allows us to define current and projected requirements based on size, case activity and growth expectations. We then provide an infrastructure design that will support the litigation business practice.
  • Cloud Services
    For a complete off-site managed service of your litigation support infrastructure, we can build and manage an entire cloud based infrastructure for your firm with the services to move your current or new litigation support infrastructure to a cloud based environment.