Help Desk

As both the complexity of the legal IT environment and the demands of a firm’s professional staff increase, so does the need for experienced and effective help desk support. There are significant and measurable reasons for most law firms to consider an outsourced provider of help desk services, including:

  • Maintaining a talented, customer-focused and effective help desk requires a significant investment in additional infrastructure, IT resources, and human resources investment.
  • The application knowledge and support skills needed to provide meaningful help to end users leads to high analyst-to-user ratios and increased costs.
  • Providing support for extended hours, weekends and holidays, and ensuring coverage requires a large staff and more resources.
  • Knowledge of advanced applications is difficult to maintain as technical environments become more complex.

Our Approach to Help Desk Services

The Keno Kozie Help Desk team maintains specific standards in our approach to providing help desk services so your professionals can get back to the business at hand as quickly as possible. Our performance metrics exceed industry standards:

  • First Call Resolution – 80% or better
  • Telephone Answer Time – 90% of all calls in less than 30 seconds
  • E-Mail Answer Time – 90% of all e-mails in less than 15 minutes
  • Telephone Abandon Rate – 4% or less
  • Customer Satisfaction – 95% or better

You’ll find the analysts at Keno Kozie offer a broad spectrum of unique experience and knowledge. Many have worked in law firms managing help desks, training departments and word-processing offices. With backgrounds in application training, systems analysis, programming and user support, these professionals bring an intimate understanding of law firm technology and an unprecedented ability to resolve end-user issues.

The mission of the K2 Help Desk is to deliver a world class customer service experience by providing client focused, technology support that empowers our customers in the pursuit of their strategic objectives and business goals, evolves constantly to meet new customer demands, and practices rigorous dedication to continuous improvement.